UAE vs HK - Asia ODD Qualifier Fantasy Team

UAE vs HK dream11 Description Of The Match:-

This Asia ODD Qualifier match will be played between UAE vs HK.

UAE vs HK dream11 The full squad of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ashfaq Ahmed, Chirag Suri, Rohan Mustafa(c), Rameez Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Mohammad Naveed, Adnan Mufti, Abdul Shakoor(w), Imran Haider, Ahmed Raza, Amir Hayat, Fahad Nawaz, Zahoor Khan

UAE vs HK dream11 The full squad of Hong Kong (HK)

Cameron McAulsan, Scott McKechnie, Waqas Khan, Aizaz Khan, Christopher Carter(w), Babar Hayat(c), Anshuman Rath, Arshad Mohammad, Ehsan Khan, Ehsan Nawaz, Nadeem Ahmed, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Jhatavedh Subramanyan, Tanwir Afzal

UAE vs HK dream11 Updated News of United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

  1. Match Status - Played -2, W-2, L-0, 
  2. UAE team is in very good form.
  3. All batters are in good form. Bowlers are also in good form. Left-arm spinner Ahmed Raza took 10 wickets in 2 matches. 
  4. Rohan Mustafa will lead the team.
  5. Main Batters -  Ashfaq Ahmed, Chirag Suri, Rameez Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, 
  6. Main Fast Bowlers - Mohammad Naveed (right-arm fast medium+BAT),
  7. Main Spinners - Imran Haider (leg-spin) (haven't played in the last game), Ahmed Raza (slow left-arm orthodox),
  8. Mail All-rounders- Rohan Mustafa (right-arm fast medium batting AL)
  9. Opener -  Ashfaq Ahmed, Chirag Suri,

UAE vs HK dream11 Updated News of Hong Kong (HK)

  1. Match Status - Played -2, W-1, L-1,
  2. HK bowlers are bowling well but their batsmen have to play well for the win.
  3. Left-arm spinner Nadeem Ahmed took 8 wickets in 2 matches.
  4. Babar Hayat will lead the team.
  5. Main Batters - Nizakat Khan, Babar Hayat(c), Anshuman Rath, Kinchit Shah,
  6. Main Fast Bowlers -Ehsan Nawaz (right-arm fast medium),
  7. Main Spinners - Nadeem Ahmed (slow left-arm orthodox), Ehsan Khan (off-spin), 
  8. Mail All-rounders- Tanwir Afzal (right-arm fast medium bowling AL), Aizaz Khan (right-arm fast medium bowling AL), 
  9. Opener -  Cameron McAulsan, Anshuman Rath

UAE vs HK dream11 Expected 11 of United Arab Emirates (UAE) (In the sequence of batting order)-

Ashfaq Ahmed, Chirag Suri, Rohan Mustafa(c), Rameez Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Adnan Mufti, Mohammad Naveed, Abdul Shakoor(w), Imran Haider/Amir Hayat, Ahmed Raza,

UAE vs HK dream11 Expected 11 of Hong Kong (HK) (In the sequence of batting order)-

Cameron McAulsan, Anshuman Rath(c), Babar Hayat, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Ehsan Khan, Aizaz Khan, Tanwir Afzal, Scott McKechnie(w), Ehsan Nawaz, Nadeem Ahmed,

UAE vs HK dream11 Comparison of Teams

  1. In WK Scott McKechnie & Abdul Shakoor, both are the good options. Scott McKechnie is a slightly better option.


UAE vs HK dream11 Pitch Report :

This match will be played at UKM-YSD Cricket Oval, Bangi, Malaysia. The pitch will help batsman. There is some help for spin bowlers also.

UAE vs HK dream11 Fantasy Cricket Tips -.

  1. Fantasy Cricket Tips - Both are the competitive teams, so make a balance fantasy team.

UAE vs HK dream11 Our Expert Team -1

We shall update soon. 

UAE vs HK dream11 C and VC Options-

Nizakat Khan, Babar Hayat(c), Anshuman Rath, Nadeem Ahmed, Rameez Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Chirag Suri, Ahmed Raza,
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