MW vs BIJ (KPL Karnataka T20 Dream11 Team, NEWS & Info)

MW vs BIJ dream11 Description Of The Match:-

This match will be played between MW vs BIJ. 
  This is KPL (Karnataka Premier League) 2018. There are 7 teams - Belagavi Panthers (BP), Bengaluru Blasters (BB), Hubli Tigers (HT), Mysuru Warriors (MW), Bellary Tuskers (BT), Shivamogga Lions (SL), and Bijapur Bulls (BIJ). 

MW vs BIJ dream11 The full squad of Mysuru Warriors (MW)

Amit Verma, K Gowtham, J Suchith, Rajoo Bhatkal, Sharath Srinivas, Manoj K H, Kushal Wadhwani, Luvnith Sisodia, Vinay Sagar, Kishan Bedare, Gowtham Sagar, B N Bhareth, SP Manjunath, Shoaib Manager, Arjun Hoysala, K V Siddharth, Prateek Jain, Vyshak Vijay Kumar, 


MW vs BIJ dream11 The full squad of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ)

KC Cariappa, KL Shrijith, Suneel Raju, KP Appanna, Bharath Chipli(c), Manohar Chavan, Zahoor Farooqui, Shishir Bhavane, Rishabh Singh, Bhavesh Gulecha, Ronit More, Suraj Kamath, Mir Kaunain Abbas, Anurag Bajpai, Sachin Rathod, Naveen MG, Amar Ghale,

MW vs BIJ dream11 Updated News of Mysuru Warriors (MW)-

  1. Match Status - Played -4, W-3, L-1
  2. MW is performing very well. All top 4 batsmen are in good form. Bowlers also taking wicket consistently.
  3. K Gowtham is selected for India A for the four-day match so he will not play in this match.
  4. Mysuru Warriors retained B N Bhareth, SP Manjunath, Vyshak Vijay Kumar and J Suchith (MW)  from last year.
  5. Main Batters - Arjun Hoysala, Shoaib Manager,
  6. Main Fast Bowlers - Vyshak Vijay Kumar (right-arm medium fast), 
  7. Main Spinners - Jagadeesha Suchith (left-arm orthodox+bat), Kushaal Wadhwani
  8. Main all-rounders - Raju Bhatkal (right-arm medium fast batting AL), Amit Verma (leg-spin), NP Bhareth (right-arm medium fast bowling AL),  
  9. Captain: J Suchith
  10. Probably Arjun Hoysala & Raju Bhatkal will open for Mysuru Warriors (MW). 

MW vs BIJ dream11 Updated News of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ)-

  1. Match Status - Played -4, W-1, L-1, NR-2
  2. Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) is a good and balanced team.
  3. Main Batters - Bharath Chipli(c), Shishir Bhavane, Mir Kaunain Abbas, KN Bharath,
  4. Main Fast Bowlers - Ronit More(right-arm medium fast), Zahoor Farooqui (right-arm medium fast),  
  5. Main Spinners - KP Appanna (left-arm orthodox), KC Cariappa (leg-spin),
  6. Main all-rounders - Suneel Raju  (off-break batting AL), MG Naveen (right-arm medium fast batting AL) 
  7. Captain: Bharath Chipli
  8. Probably Bharath Chipli(c) & Shishir Bhavane will open for BIJ.

MW vs BIJ dream11 Comparison of Teams

  1. In WK Srinivas Sharath is the safe option.


MW vs BIJ dream11 Pitch Report :

This match will be played at Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore. The pitch will help batters as well as the bowlers.

MW vs BIJ dream11 Fantasy Tips -

  1. Fantasy Tips - Both are competitive teams so make a balance fantasy team.


MW vs BIJ dream11 Expected 11 of Mysuru Warriors (MW) (In the sequence of batting order)-

Arjun Hoysala, Raju Bhatkal, Amit Verma, Shoaib Manager, Bhareth NP, Krishnamurthy Siddharth, Jagadeesha Suchith(c), Kushaal Wadhwani, Srinivas Sharath(w), Vyshak Vijay Kumar, Prateek Jain

MW vs BIJ dream11 Expected 11 of Bijapur Bulls (BIJ) (In the sequence of batting order)-

Bharath Chipli(c), Shishir Bhavane, Mir Kaunain Abbas, KN Bharath, Naveen MG, Suneel Raju, KL Shrijith (wk)/Anurag Bajpai(w), Ronit More, KP Appanna, KC Cariappa, Zahoor Farooqui,  

MW vs BIJ dream11 Best Batsmen 

  1. Arjun Hoysala -MW
  2. Shoaib Manager -MW
  3. Bharath Chipli -BIJ
  4. Mir Kaunain Abbas -BIJ
  5. Shishir Bhavane -BIJ
  6. KN Bharath -BIJ


MW vs BIJ dream11 Best Bowlers

  1. Vyshak Vijay Kumar -MW
  2. Jagadeesha Suchith -MW
  3. Kushaal Wadhwani -MW
  4. Ronit More -BIJ
  5. Zahoor Farooqui -BIJ
  6. KC Cariappa -BIJ
  7. KP Appanna -BIJ


MW vs BIJ dream11 Best All-rounders

  1. Amit Verma -MW
  2. NP Bhareth -MW
  3. Raju Bhatkal -MW
  4. Naveen MG -BIJ
  5. Suneel Raju -BIJ

MW vs BIJ dream11 Best Wicket-keeper

  1. Srinivas Sharath -MW


MW vs BIJ dream11 C and VC Options

  1. Arjun Hoysala -MW
  2. Shoaib Manager -MW
  3. Amit Verma -MW
  4. Raju Bhatkal -MW
  5. Bharath Chipli -BIJ
  6. Naveen MG -BIJ
  7. Shishir Bhavane -BIJ
  8. KN Bharath -BIJ

MW vs BIJ dream11 Our Expert Team -1

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