Word Search-Free Puzzle Game by akmalcbm |apps2win|

Try your hand and eye at this interactive word search and see how quickly you can complete the flowing chart of words. Each Challenge yourself see just how quickly you can solve the riddles in this free fun word search game by Apps2Win!

Put your vocabulary and attention to detail to the test in this free word search puzzle game. While other word search games limit the type of words to be found to just one category, this awesome word search presents you with an array of words to keep you on your toes. There are two different color scale modes for you to choose from, so select the play style that suits you best to your eye and begin your search in this fun free word search game!

Product Features....
Infinite, unlimited play with random puzzles
You can change the letters in upper case or lower case
You can define the grid size (7x10, 9x11, 9x12, 10x13, 11x14, 12x15, 13x16, 14x17, 15x18, 16x19, 17x20 and more...)
You can change the Color Scale in this free word search puzzle games by Apps2Win.
You can take three types of hint 3 WORDS, 1 LETTER, 6 WORDS.
Option to receive hints about a word location. To earn hints you have to complete some challenges within defined times.
You can share your score with your friends using leader board.
Forget the pen and paper Now you can play an unlimited number of puzzles anywhere anytime.



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