SIN vs NEP | (TeamGuide, Blueprint & Player Info) | 28-09-2019 17:01

 Player Info & Forms: 


Manpreet Singh -
42, 26*, 32

Utsav Rakshith -

Tim David-
77, 14, 38, 8

Surendran Chandramohan-
8, 50, 47, 25, 80

Rezza Gaznavi-
Other Od - 0, 7, 2, 21, 48, 10

Navin Param-
29, 63, 66, 66, 22, 37

Aritra Dutta -
4, 35, 36, 9

Arjun Mutreja-
Other Odd - 72, 0, 34, 0, 7, 16

Sidhant singh -
1/9, 0/12, 2/2
10, 5

Rohan Rangarajan- Offbreak
49, 0, 32
0/7, 0/8, 1/22

Avi Dixit- Medium Fast
2/12, 0/18, 0/24
8, 1, 4, 0

Janak Prakash - Medium
1/21, 1/12, 3/15
0, 2, 19

Anantha Krishna - Googly
1/19, 3/29, 0/40

Aahan Gopinath Acher - Orthodox
Other Odd - 0/41, 0/55, 2/19, 0/49

Selladore Vijaya Kumar - Offbreak
4/25, 2/11, 1/20, 1/20

Aryaman Uchil - Medium Fast
Other Odd - 1/15, 1/20, 4/45, 6/46

Vinoth Baskaran- Orthodox
2/22, 1/22, 1/19


Paras Khadka- Medium
18, 12, 68, 28, 23, 86*
1/10, 1/28, 0/4

Pawan Sarraf- Offbreak
10, 0, 18
0/15, 0/8

Dipendra Singh Airee-
40, 23, 1, 2, 34, 7

Md.Arif Sheikh-
8, 11, 11, 15

Sundeep Jora-
Other Odd - 48, 56, 2, 22

Rohit Paudel-
5, 6, 19, 5

Binod Bhandari -
11, 9, 13, 0, 51

Karan Kc- Medium
0/11, 2/25, 2/40, 1/12, 1/18

Sompal Kami- Medium
0/25, 0/33, 0/15, 0/24, 3/23, 0/13

Sandeep Lamicchanne- Googly
3/15, 2/17, 1/21, 1/29, 1/35, 3/22

Abinash Bohara- Medium
0/11, 4/35, 1/35, 0/19, 0/20

Sushan Bhari- Orthodox
1/19, 1/25, 2/22, 1/26

Kushal Malla- Orthodox
2, 22, 28, 0, 26
0/28, 0/10, 0/40, 0/7, 0/11

Lalit Rajbanshi- Orthodox
0/25, 0/9, 0/7

Ishan Pandey-
Odd - 79, 53, 26*, 21*, 1

 Team Guide: 

(We will help you to make a better Fantasy Team with this Team Guide. Do use your brain and instincts before making final decision)


+Manpreet Singh
+Rohit Paudel
+B Bhandari
-Manpreet Singh will most probably bat 2 down. He had played very attacking cricket in last three matches with an average of 51.00. He can bowl very well as he was the leading wicket taker in year 2018 for SIN. However he will handle wicket keeping duties, so may not bowl today still he is a must have batsman today in SL.

-Rohit Paudel is expected to replace Kushal Malla today and will bat 3 down. He is a young talented batsman and had played some good knocks in List A Career but failed to perform in all of the international T20s he had played till now. Can be a punt pick today as he will get to bat much bowls.

-B Bhandari is a decent batsman too but as he bat's very low so may not get to bat much balls. However he can give some points with gloves. He was not out at 11 runs in last match. Must try him in GL if you are making a Nepal favoured team.

 BAT - 

+P Khadka
+Dipendra Airee
+Tim David
+S Jora
+S Chandramohan
+Navin Param

-Paras Khadka was the top-scorer with 109 runs from two games in last series against Malaysia. He is the must pick batsman in SL as he is one of the consistent batsman from the side and he can bowl also. He will open the innings. Scored 18 runs in last match and took a wicket also.

-Dipendra Airee is another must have pick from NEP side today. He will bat two down and bat's with strike rate of near to 100 in T20 cricket. He can bowl part time also. However his average is not good but can play but he had played some good knocks recently and a 40 runs knock in the last match too. Bowled two overs also.

-S Jora will bat 4 down. He had played only 4 T20 matches till now and batted well in them with an average of 41.82 and strike rate off 128.12. Can be a very good pick today in SL. Scored decent 17 runs in last match.

-Tim David will bat one down and he is one of the consistent and attacking Batsman from SIN side. He had also played BBL and performed well in that too. His average is pretty awesome which is near to 43 in T20 format. He was the leading run getter in CWC challenge and scored 369 runs.

-S Chandramohan will open the innings for SIN. He had also played very well in all the last three T20 matches and scored 30+ runs consistently. However these haven't played much matches so it will be difficult to say that if they are that much consistent or not. Still he is a popular pick and a must have pick in fantasy.

-Navin Param will most probably bat's at 3 down and he cab bowl also. He is a handy batsman and has they capability to take wickets. Comes in less credits also and selected by very less user. He can prove as a good punt today in SL.

 ALL - 

+R Rangarajan
+S Kami
+Janak Prakash
+P Sarraf
+Arif Sheikh

-S Kami is a talented all rounder from NEP who have performed well with both bat and bowl in T20 format. Consistent wicket taker bowler with a decent average off 15 while Batting. Bat's very low. He was not out at 25 runs in last match and bowled 3 overs. Didn't got any wicket but bowled very decent.

-P Sarraf opens for NEP and expected to replace Ishan Pandey in today's game. He is still searching for wickets in International Career. However he opens the innings and expected to bowl some overs so try him as C VC today in Mini Gl as it cab be worth taking this risk. Can be a good punt in SL today.

-Arif Sheikh is more off a good batsman than a bowler. Didn't got any wicket till now in domestic career also but batted well. Can be a good pick in GL who can win you the game. He will bat one down. Got out at only 8 runs in the last match.

-R Rangarajan will open the innings too for SIN. He is a talented all-rounder and bowls minimum 2 overs. He has an interesting record for Singapore. He has bagged four ducks in eight games and crossed 30 in the remaining four. A must have pick in SL and choice of C VC too.

-Janak Prakash will bat down the order and performs the task of late hitting. However he is more off a good bowler than a batsman. Took 5 wickets in last 3 matches with economy rate of 5.33.

 BOWL - 

+S Lamicchanne
+A Krishna
+KC Karan
+A Mahboob
+Vinoth Baskaran
+Abinash Bohara

-Karan KC is a very talented bowler from NEP side who can take wickets in power play and in
death overs too. Must pick in SL. He can bat also. He too bowled well but didn't got any wicket. Expected to take couple of wickets today.

-S Lamicchanne is coming back from CPL where he took total off 8 wickets in very less matches. Must pick in SL. Wicket taker bowler and he can trouble almost every ZIM batsman today with his bowling. Took 3fer as expected in last match. C VC choice.

-Abinash Bohara has taken 12 wickets from 8 T20Is he has played which shows his consistent. He is a credit saver pick also. Can be a good punt punt today in SL. Gone wicket less in last match but bowled well. He took 4fer against the same team when last time they faced each other.

-A Krishna is a popular pick today in fantasy due to his decent List A Career. He had bowled well and took wickets with economy rate of 3.46 only. However his economy in last couple of T20 matches are above than 8 but took wicketsconsistently. He can bat also.

-A Mahboob is currently the most experienced player in the squad and skipper of the side too. He is a good bowler who takes wickets regularly. Took 7 wickets from last 3 T20 matches.

-Baskaran is a decent bowler too. Selected by very less users in D11. Can be a good punt in SL today as he had bowled well and took wickets but have much runs too and as wickets give much points in D11 he can be a crucial pick today.

 C, VC- 

+Paras Khadka
+Sompal Kami
+T David
+D Singh Airee
+Sandeep Lamicchanne
+R Rangarajan

-T David and Paras Khadka can be the wise pick of C VC today in SL.
- R Rangarajan and Dipendra Airee are other two safe choices of C VC in SL.
-S Lamicchanne can be a good Choice of C VC today if NEP opts to bowl in fist innings.
-Sompal Kami to contribute with the ball as well alongside some quick runs down the order. Played well in last match too. Can be a good punt C VC in SL today.

 Team Blueprint with recent Records: 

 WK -

R Kumar Paudel
( Middle order + can also bowl, 67 against UAE u19 last week, did not feature in last game)

Manpreet Singh
( Middle order, Attacking batsman, Average of 51 in T20)

B Bhandari
( Lower Middle order, average batsman)


 BAT - 

T David
(1 down, 369 runs in WC qualifiers recently, best batsman of team)

P Khadka
( Opener + Medium pacer, best batsman of team, 2 50+ scores in last 5 T20 innings, Must have)

S Chandramohan
( Opener, 67,80,8,15,67 in last qualifiers, Must have)

D Singh Airee
( 1 down, very good batsman, 40 runs last game)

N Param
( Middle order + Off spinner, 66 against Mal in WC qualifiers, GL best C Choice)


R Rangarajan 
(Opener + Off spin, 32,49,45 + 2 wickets last 3 of 5 innings)

S Kami 
( Pacer, main bowler of team, will bowl in death + can also bat, 25 runs with bat last game)

P Saraaf 
( Opener + off spin, very good All-Rounder, 3 wickets + 85 runs in u19 tournament last week, can play today)

Aarif Sheikh 
( Attacking bat + Medium pacer)


S Lamichhane 
( Leggie, best bowler of team, 8 wickets in 6 games in CPL, 3 wickets last game, Must have)

A Krishna 
( Leg break, 5 wickets in last 2 games, Must have pick)

A Mahboob 
( Medium pacer, Best bowler of team, 8 wickets from 5 games in qualifiers)

KC Karan 
( Pacer + good batsman, 10 wickets in qualifiers, wicket less last game)

L Rajbansi 
( Slow left arm, very good bowler, can play today)

 Last matches on this ground: 

NEP 132-6 ZIM 133-5
Pacer - 3
Spinner - 7
Dipendra Singh 40
Sompal Kami 25
Khadka 18
Sandeep Lamichhane- 3w

SIN 191-6 NEPAL 109-10
Pacer - 8
Spinner - 7
TH David 77
R Rohan 4
Manpreet Singh 42
G Malla 39
DS Airee 23
S Vijayakumar 4w
A Bohara 4w
V Baskaran 2w
Karan Kc 2w

KUW 141-9 NEP 143-3
Pacer - 3
Spinner - 9
Khadka 68
Vesawker 38
S Lamichhane 3w
B Regmi 3w
Karan Kc 2w

MAL 144-10 QAT 147-6
Pacer - 6
Spinner - 6

MAL 92-10 SIN 96-2
Pacer - 5
Spinner - 6
Chandramohan 50
Manpreet Singh 26
A Krishna 3w
Amjad Mahmoob 3w
Vijayakumar 2w

Pacer - 25
Spinner - 35
Avg Scores
Batting First - 142
Batting Second - 124

Squads -


Amjad Mahboob(c), Janak Prakash, Aahan Gopinath Achar, Vinoth Baskaran, Manpreet Singh(w), Anantha Krishna, Aryaman Sunil, Surendran Chandramohan, Avi Dixit, Rohan Rangarajan, Tim David, Navin Param, Utsav Rakshit, Sidhant Singh, Aritra Dutta, Rezza Gaznavi, Arjun Mutreja, Selladore Vijayakumar.


Paras Khadka(c), Ishan Pandey, Dipendra Singh Airee, Rohit Paudel, Aarif Sheikh, Binod Bhandari(w), Sundeep Jora, Pawan Sarraf, Sushan Bhari, Kushal Malla, Sompal Kami, KC Karan, Sandeep Lamichhane, Lalit Rajbanshi, Abinash Bohara