NZ vs ENG | 1ST T20i Match Team Guide, Players Recent Records & More | 01-11-2019 06:31

 Ground & Pitch Details: 

Hagley Oval, Christchurch

Last Matches on this Ground

CAN 193-5 NK 197-8
Pacer - 9
Spinner - 4
Chris Jordan 2w
Santner 1w

CAN 112-8 CD 113-4
Pacer - 10
Spinner - 2

CAN 122-8 AUK 126-1
Pacer - 7
Spinner - 1

CAN 172-4 OTG 142-10
Pacer - 10
Spinner - 2

Pacer - 36
Spinner - 9
Avg Scores
Batting First - 159
Batting Second - 145

 NZ vs ENG Last H2H Matches: 

1. ENG 194-7 NZ 192-4
Guptill 62
Moragn 80
Munro 57
Malan 53
Southee 2w
I Sodhi 1w
Grandhomme 1w
Rashid 1w

2. NZ 196-5 ENG 184-9
Guptill 65
Malan 59
I Sodhi 2w
Rashid 2w
Santner 2w
Southee 1w
Jorden 1w

 NZ vs ENG Common Players 

Wk: T Seifert
BAT: Guptill, Munro, Bairstow, Malan, Morgan, Taylor
ALL: Neesham, Santner, Grandhomme, Sam Curran
BOWL: C Jorden, Ferguson, Southee, Rashid, I Sodhi.

 Players Form: 

 NZ Players Recent Scores 

Tim Southee - Fast
0/16, 2/18, 2/20, 0/13

Colin de Grandhomme- Medium
21, 0, 65, 17, 17,
0/11, 0/13

Lockie Ferguson- Fast
0/27, 3/32, 3/50

Martin Guptill-
11, 22, 27, 0, 45

Scott Kuggeleijn- Medium
1/20, 2/38, 0/17, 4/19, 0/38, 1/1,7

Daryl Mitchell- Medium
1/12, 0/11, 2/38, 0/22, 0/26
19, 13, 36, 11

Colin Munro-
107, 8, 16, 0, 42, 23, 2, 23
Jimmy Neesham- Medium
1/35, 1/26, 0/10, 0/25, 1/10
12, 1, 1, 0, 22

Mitchell Santner- Offbreak
3/12, 0/34, 1/22, 1/23
16, 10, 14

Tim Seifert -
12, 20, 8, 15, 15

Ish Sodhi- Legbreak
1/23, 0/23, 3/43, 1/42

Ross Taylor-
0, 48, 53,

Blair Tickner- Fast
1/11, 1/34, 3/25, 2/27

Trent Boult-
Fc - 3/70, 3/75, 2/17, 2/45, 1/34

 ENG Players Recent Scores 
Eoin Morgan -
12, 53, 83, 13, 47, 29

Jonny Bairstow -
78, 37, 12, 68

Tom Banton -
6, 11, 62, 47, 34, 10

Sam Billings -
27, 28, 7, 5, 55,

Pat Brown - Medium
0/31, 1/39, 2/21, 0/39, 1/25

Sam Curran - Medium
0/15, 1/48, 1/33, 0/30

Tom Curran - medium
0/27, 3/20, 2/30, 2/33, 3/36

Joe Denly - Legbreak
39, 0, 20, 2, 30, 20
0/30, 0/30, 0/15, 1/14

Lewis Gregory -
0/27, 3/30, 2/31, 0/30
29, 0, 6, 10

Chris Jordan - Fast
1/22, 2/40, 3/30, 0/24

Saqib Mahmood - Medium
1/36, 0/35, 1/10, 0/19, 2/37

Dawid Malan - Legbreak
14, 2, 41, 23, 31

Matt Parkinson - Legbreak
1/38, 0/26, 2/26, 1/43, 1/10

Adil Rashid - Legbreak
2/25, 0/39, 3/54, 1/30

James Vince -
46, 17, 43, 66, 2, 69

 NZ vs ENG Fantasy Team Guide: 

 Team Guide: 


 Tom Banton: 
-Tom Banton is a talented youngster who is a 360° batsman with a stunning array of Strokes. He will open the innings too this SR of more than 150 makes him a must-have pick in SL and choice of punt C VC too. He had scored at an average of 39.4 in 17 T20 matches till now.

 Sam Billings: 
-Sam billings will bat in the middle order. He is another destructive batsman who bats with SR of 142. However, he is not very consistent but can play top knock at any time. He has a decent average of 17.44 too in 21 T20 games. Scored 87(47) runs in a match against WI recently this year in this format. Pick him if you are missing any top-order batsman.

 Tim Seifert: 
-Tim Seifert will bat one down for NZ. He is an attacking batsman who had played only one good knock of 84 runs in his 14 matches T20 career but can emerge out as good pick in SL as he will get to play much who have SR of 141.29.


-Martin Guptill will open the innings for NZ too. He is a good batsman who jd been really good especially in this format having Average of 33.57 with SR more than 130 in 78 T20 matches. However, his recent form is not good but he is a big player and expected to see good cricket from him. His record against the Opponent is also not good.

-Jonny Bairstow will open for ENG. He is in exceptional form in white-ball and he showed it in the first practice match scoring an unbeaten 78 in a steep chase. Must have pick in SL . SR of 130.20 makes him a good choice of C VC too.

-Colin Munro will open with Guptill. He is another must have pick in SL who had batted with SR above 160 in approx 50 T20 games with good average too. Coming from decent CPL too where he played couple of good innings too. He is having good record too against the opponent. Best C VC choice today.

-Eoin Morgan will bat three down. He is another good and reliable batsman who was in exceptional form during the T20 blast. He is having a good record too in this format. Good pick today especially if the bat's in first innings and choice of punt C VC too in that case.

-Ross Taylor will bat two down. He had been the strength of NZ Batting from a couple of years in every format but his form in recent times has become a matter of concern. Still, he is a big player who can score 30-40 runs usually in a match. Good pick in SL. Credit saver too.

-David Malan is another must-have pick who is likely to open the innings if Tom Banton doesn't play. His last 5 International matches include 4 times a 50+ score. He too coming back from good T20 blast who can bowl too. He was in exceptional form during the last tour against NZ in 2018 where he scored two 50+. C VC choice.

-James Vince comes only in 8.5 credits and selected by fewer users too. He is the best punt available today who had been very good during T20 blast batted with an average of 27.88. He will bat one down. Must have picked if ENG opts to bat 2nd.

 All Rounder: 

-C De Grandhomme will bat at 4-5 down and bowl 3-4 overs too. He had been in good form especially with the bat during CPL as he scored 30+ runs in every match. He had taken 10 wickets too in 28 international T20 games. the bats with SR above 140. Must have a pick in SL.

-Jimmy Neesham will bat in the middle order. He is a wicket-taker bowler who can score quick 15-20 runs too in a match. He had taken wickets consistently during CPL. He is another good pick in SL especially if NZ opts to bat first.
-Sam Curran will do the late hitting. He will debut today in his first international T20 match. He had been excellent during T20 Blast with both bat and bowl. Scored 30+ runs and took wickets consistently in every match. Took 6 wickets too in the last test match against AUS. However, he will bat down the order so he may not get to bat much but can emerge out as good pick if top order departs early.

-Mitchell Santner will do the late hitting for NZ. He had taken 38 wickets in 34 T20 games till now and can score some quick runs too. Primarily he is a bowler and a must-have pick if NZ opts to bowl first.

-Lewis Gregory is a good all-rounder who had been very impressive during T20 blast especially with his bowls. He had taken at least a wicket in every match and can score some runs too down the order. Good credit saver pick if ENG opts to bowl first.


-Tim Southee is an experienced bowler who had taken 71 wickets in 61 T20 matches but his last 10 matches include only 9 wickets which shows that he has lost his consistency in the last couple of matches. Still, he is a must-have pick in SL considering his record against the opponent team.

-Lockie Ferguson is another must-have pick in SL who had been very consistent since the World Cup. He had taken 10 wickets in the last 5 T20 games at a decent economy rate of 7.10 only.

-Ish Sodhi had taken 5 wickets in only 3 matches against the ENG when last time they played the T20 series. He is another good pick in SL especially if NZ opts to bowl first.

-Tom Curran had played 10 T20 International games till now and took 11 wickets from them. He had taken 10 wickets in the last 7 matches during the T20 Blast. Must have a pick in SL considering his consistency in recent times.

-Adil Rashid is another good pick especially if bowls in first innings. He can bat too. However, he is in a hit or miss type of form right now but he is an experienced bowler who can change the nature of the game anytime.

-Chris Jordan had played only 5 CPL games and took 7 wickets from them. He is another good pick in SL considering his records and consistency in this format. Took 47 wickets till now of 39 matches.

-Colin Munro and Jonny Bairstow can be seen as default C VC today in SL.
-Eoin Morgan and C de Grandhomme are other two safe choices of C VC.
-David Malan can be the best punt C VC today considering his last couple of performances. Try him in SL too as C VC too if you have the ability to take risk as it can worth it.
-Lockie Ferguson is a consistent wicket taker bowler who is expected to take 2fer at least as seen from last couple of games. D11 is giving much points of a wicket so can be another punt C VC today.

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