ENG vs WI | Team Guide - Research & Analysis | 08-07-2020 15:31

 Ground & Pitch Details: 

The Rose Bowl, Southampton.

 Last Matches on this Ground: 

1. ENGLAND v INDIA (2018)
ENG 246-10 & 271-10
IND 273-10 & 184-10

Pacer - 26
Spinner - 12

Josh Buttler 21R & 69R
Ben Stokes 23R & 30R

Stuart Broad - 3w & 2w
Ben Stokes - 1w & 2w
James Anderson - 2w

Other Test Match was in 2014

- Considering ODI matches:


WIN 212-10 ENG 213-2

Pacer - 10
Spinner - 2

Chris Woakes - 40R

Jofra Archer - 3w
Mark Wood - 3w
Chris Woakes - 1w


ENG 373-3 PAK 361-7

Pacer - 7
Spinner - 3

Josh Buttler - 110R
Chris Woakes - 1w


Pacer - 43
Spinner - 17

 ENG vs WI Recent H2H Matches: 

ENG 277-10 & 361-5d
WI 154-10 & 252-10

Roston Chase - 10R
Ben Stokes - 79R & 48R
Josh Buttler - 67R & 56R
Joe Denly - 69R & 20R
John Campbell - 41R
Shane Dowrich - 38R
Rory Burns - 29R

Mark Wood - 5w & 1w
Kemar Roach - 4w & 1w
S Gabriel - 2w & 2w
Alzari Joseph - 2w & 1w
James Anderson - 3w
Ben Stokes - 2w
Stuart Broad - 1w

ENG - 187-10 & 132-10
WI 306-10 & 17-0

Kraigg Brathwaite - 49R
John Campbell - 47R
Shai Hope - 44R
Shane Dowrich - 31R
Josh Buttler - 24R
Joe Denly - 17R
Rory Burns - 16R

Kemar Roach - 4w & 4w
Jason Holder - 1w & 3w
Alzari Joseph - 2w & 2w
S Gabriel - 3w
Stuart Broad - 3w
James Anderson - 2w
Ben Stokes - 2w

 Common Players 

WK : Josh Buttler, Shane Dowrich

BAT : Rory Burns, John Campbell

ALL : Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, Joe Denly

BOWL : Mark Wood, Kemar Roach, Shane Gabriel, Alzari Joseph, James Anderson, Stuart Broad

 Players Form: 

 - England Players Recent Scores 

(Including Practice Match Scorecard)

Rory Burns-
BAT - (21R, 35R), (5R, 84R), (101), (52R, 31R), (47, 20)

Dominic Sibley-
BAT - (12R, 38R), (37R), (14R, 0R), (116R, 3R), (103R ,3R+1/7W), (44R, 44R), (36R), (34R, 133*R)

Zak Crawley-
BAT - (42R, 34R), (105R), (43R, 91R), (18R, 10R), (2R, 20R), (66R, 24R), (44R)

Joe Denly-
BAT - (48R, 1R), (26R), (32R, 27R)
BOWL - 0/33(2)

Ben Stokes (C)-
BAT - (41R, 33*R), (3R, 43R), (2R, 28R), (120R), (47R, 72R)
BOWL - (0/20, 1/16), (DNB), (2/35)
(2/47, 2/47), (1/26, 0/9)

Ollie Pope-
(25R, 55R), (95R), (8R, 77R), (56R, 11R), (135*R), (61R , 3R)

Jos Buttler (WK)-
(24*R, 35R), (14R), (79R), (1R), (29R, 23R), (12R, 22R)

Dom Bess- Offbreak
BOWL - (2/60, 1/12), (0/32), (3/54), (2/57), (5/51, 1/36), (1/62, 1/57)

James Anderson- Fast
(2/49, 0/15), (5/40, 2/23), (1/69, 1/47),

Jofra Archer- Fast
(2/37, 0/4) (1/65, 5/102), (1/75, 0/27)

Mark Wood- Medium
(1/14, 1/19), (5/46, 5/54), (0/32, 3/32)
Stuart Broad - Medium
(0/42, 0/25), (0/13), (0/27, 2/26), (3/30, 1/14), (2/38, 1/37)

Chris Woakes -
BAT - (37), (32, 0),
BOWL - (1/37, 0/25), (2/38, 1/47)

 - WI Players Recent Scores 

(Including Practice Match Scorecard)

Kraigg Brathwaite- Offbreak
BAT - (3R), (84R, 34R), (48R, 84R), (13R, 36R), (5R, 49R)
BOWL - (0/7), (0/7), (0/1)

John Campbell- Offbreak
(4R+0/18), (0R, 19R), (112R), (13R, 6R), (20R, 66R), (35R, 4R)

Shai Hope-
(0), (83R, 2R), (7R, 6*R), (24R, 2R), (1R, 14R)

Shamarh Brooks-
(11R), (77R, 16R), (9R, 6R), (0R, 10R), (33R, 0R), (3R, 4R)

Roston Chase -
BAT - (6R), (37R, 4R), (2R), (0R, 12R), (48R, 12R), (0R, 102*R)
BOWL - (1/37), (0/58), (3/2), (6/60)

Jermaine Blackwood- Offbreak
BAT - (1R, 43R), (3R, 15R), (248R), (68R, 2R), (59R, 6R)(98R, 38R)
BOWL - (0/0), (0/14), (0/3), (0/11)

Shane Dowrich (WK)-
(6R, 56R), (25*), (96R, 5R), (13R, 2R)

Jason Holder (C)-
BAT - (5R, 2R), (0R), (11R, 22R), (11R, )
(18R, 39R)
BOWL - (1/21), (4/24, 1/10), (5/42),

Rahkeem Cornwall- Spin
BAT - (15R), (2R), (19*R), (3R, 48R), (2R, 22R)
BOWL - (1/32, 1/25), (1/54, 2/17), (4/95, 3/97), (2/74, 8/51)

Kemar Roach- Fast
(2/25), (1/52, 0/30), (5/20, 4/36), (2/63, 6/84)

Shannon Gabriel - Fast
(4/42), (3/32, 1/48), (0/39, 2/20), (0/121), (0/74, 0/18), (3/71, 1/63)

Alzarri Joseph- Fast
(2/64 + 38R), (4/60, 2/17), (3/130+89R), (5/41, 2/11+ 64R), (1/93 + 35*R, 47*R),

Chemar Holder- Fast
(2/35, 0/23), (1/52, 0/25), (0/11, 2/34), (4/68, 1/58), (5/73, 0/43)

Raymon Reifer- Medium
(1/21+21R), (5/60, 1/9+18R), (2/18+1/27), (3/79+0/15 + 43)

Nkrumah Bonner - Legbreak
(0R, 47R), (5R, 24*R), (48R+0/15)
(135R, 0R, 0/16, 0/1), (15R, 9R, 0/4)


 Team Guide: 

(We will help you to make a better Fantasy Team with this Team Guide. Do use your brain and instincts before making final decision) 

 - WK 

-Shai Hope will bat at one down for WI and may handle WK duties too. He is a top class batsman who has scored 1498 runs in 31 matches.He played really well last time the Caribbeans travelled England and has scored 508 runs in 7 Tests against them with two tons and at an average of 42.33. Must have pick in SL and C VC Choice too especially if WI opts to bat first. 

-Jos Buttler will bat down the order for ENG. He is an attacking batsmen who though doesn't seem to play big knocks in test cricket but can score quick runs. His SR of approx 60 in test cricket shows his batting style. Good Punt to try in small leagues if you are leaving top order batsman. 

-Shane Dowrich is a decent batsmen who has the ability to play big knocks. Though fast pitches of ENG may trouble him but his less credits in D11 makes him good punt. He is having 1444 runs in 31 Test matches at his name. 

 - Bat 

-Last 5 matches of Kraigg Braithwaite doesn't go well but he is a good batsman who has scored 3496 runs in 59 test matches with the help of 8 centuries & 17 half centuries. He is expected to open the innings for WI. Good Pick in SL and Punt C VC Choice too. 

-Jermaine Blackwood will bat at middle order. He is a decent batsmen and a part time all-rounder too who has scored 1362 runs in 28 test matches and taken 2 wickets too. Blackwood is available in 8.5 credits and selected by only 22% users in D11. Good credit saver pick in SL especially if WI opts to bat first. 

-Shamarh Brooks will bat at two down. He has played only three test matches but scored runs at an average of 35 which shows his capability. He is the best C VC pick for different combinations of GL. 

-John Campbell will open the innings with Brathwaite. He has scored 298 runs in 6 test matches at an average of 30 against ENG which is good. He is a must have pick in SL considering his less credits in D11 and good head to head record against ENG. 

-Olli Pope will bat at middle order. He is a very good player to have in middle order. He averaged 88.67 in five innings against the Proteas scoring 266 runs during last test series. Good Pick in SL and C VC Choice too considering his experience of playing at these pitches. 

-Rory Burns is another good batsmen who has batted at an average of 34 in 15 Test matches and scored 979 runs. He will open the innings for ENG and a popular pick in SL. 

-Dominic Sibley scored 324 runs at an average of 54 in the South Africa series in seven innings in last test series. He will open the innings with Burns. Good Pick in SL team if you are making a ENG favoured team. He can be much crucial if ENG opts to bat first. 

-Zak Crawley is a decent batsmen who will play his 5th test match today. He has played decent in his last 4 matches scoring 164 runs at an average of 27.3 and will bat at one down. Good C VC pick in Grand leagues. 

 - All-Rounder 

-Ben Stokes is undoubtedly the best player ENG has at the moment in the line-up. He is the C as well and will look to lead from the front both with the bat and ball. He has scored 4056 runs and taken 147 wickets in 63 matches. He will bat at three down. Must have pick in SL and default C VC too. 

-Joe Denly will bat at two down and bowl too in this match. He is having good record against WI in test matches as he scored 488 runs in 8 matches at good average. Another good credit saver pick in SL. 

-Jason Holder will bat down the order for WI. He is the best all-rounder West Indies currently have in it's lineup. He has scored 1898 runs and taken 106 wickets in 40 test matches. Must have pick in SL and Punt C VC Choice too. 

-Roston Chase will bat at three down. He has emerged out as good all-rounder in last one year with both bat and ball. He has scored 1695 runs and taken 59 wickets in 35 test matches. Another good pick in SL. 

 - Bowl 

-James Anderson is the best to have while playing in ENG thanks to his ability to swing the ball. He is having 584 wickets in 151 test matches which shows how lethal he is with the bowl.

-Jofra Archer is another brilliant bowler and his pace can trouble the opposition batsmen especially as the day passes by. He is having 30 wickets in 7 test matches. Must pick him in SL if you are making ENG dominated team. 

-Dom Bess is a decent bowler who has taken 11 wickets in 4 test matches. He is a good spinner who can trouble the batsmen as the pitch gets old. Must try him in GL. 

-Stuart Broad has taken 27 wickets in 8 test matches against WI in test matches. He will another good pick from ENG in SL as his pace and swing can thrash any batting lineups. 

-Kemar Roach is close to the milestone in terms of wickets and will be raring to do well. He has taken 29 wickets in 7 test matches against ENG which makes him must have pick from WI side in Bowling. 

-Shannon Gabriel has passed the fitness test and is all set to play this match. His pace will also be crucial for them. He has taken 133 wickets in 45 test matches . Good credit saver pick in D11 fantasy. 

 - C & VC Optiopns: 

-Ben Stokes and Jason Holder are the best C VC choice in SL today.

-James Anderson/Stuart Broad and Kemar Roach are two best punt choices of C VC available today for GL.